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We expand cognitive stimulation exercises thanks to Kern Pharma

Thanks to the collaboration with the pharmaceutical laboratory Kern Pharma, people with mild and moderate cognitive impairment can exercise their memory through various exercises available on our website.

These materials, which are already available online, are in addition to those that Fundación ACE made available to the public during the state of alarm. The goal is for people with cognitive impairment or Alzheimer's to find activities to do from home to stay cognitively and physically active.

It is especially important in the context of the current pandemic that the routines of people with Alzheimer's are altered as little as possible to ensure their emotional well-being and that of caregivers.

People with dementia or Alzheimer's are a risk group and, for that reason, the usual routines have been altered. This, along with the time they now spend at home to avoid putting themselves at risk, is causing accelerated deterioration in their cognition, memory, and physical mobility.

To avoid this, it is key, points out our team of experts in care for people with dementia, to maintain a routine of cognitive stimulation.

That is why in the COVID-19 section of our website you can find resources and materials prepared by professionals to deal with this situation in the best possible way.

From Fundació ACE we appreciate the collaboration of Kern Pharma in expanding the resources available to people who wish to exercise their memory from home.

  • Go to the COVID-19 page to see all the information on resources available during the pandemic.
  • On our website you will find different online activities to exercise your memory.
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