Fundació ACE renews its corporate identity

The field of healthcare for people with dementia and Alzheimer's, as well as the diagnosis and investigation of these pathologies, has evolved over the years.

Fundació ACE has also done it during these last 30 years. What began as a center to apply a new psychostimulation program for people with cognitive impairment, today is an entity that diagnoses more than 7,500 people a year, serves more than 250 people in its daycare hospital and daycare center, have a team of researchers dedicated to understanding the origins of Alzheimer's disease and a clinical trials unit seeking effective treatment to stop or cure cognitive decline.

As a result of this evolution, Fundació ACE has undergone a change in its corporate identity that materializes in a renewal of the logo and, therefore, in a new brand that is already being applied in social networks, internal posters, catalogues, documents, corporate presentations and, soon, on the renewed website of the entity.

In this way, Fundacio Ace becomes Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona with the aim of opening itself up to citizens and positioning itself as a leading entity in the field of Alzheimer's and other dementias in Spain. To achieve this, Ace has partnered with the Barcelona branding company Firma, which has redesigned the entity's logo and graphic applications.

For the new Ace logo, the three original colours of Fundació ACE have been evolved; red, blue and yellow; to create a gradient bar in these three shades that evokes memory loss, the main symptom of Alzheimer's.

This colour combination is also reminiscent of sunrise and invokes positive thinking and hope for people who live with dementia, since Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona continues to work so that one day Alzheimer's is history.

For Miren Jone Gurrutxaga, CEO of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona, “this is a change for the future, an evolution that the very history of the entity has dictated. We have been growing and improving our services for years and, if the foundation evolves, so should its brand. Thanks to the great work of an expert agency in brand design, FIRMA, we have redesigned the logo and corporate applications to undertake the objective of being open to all citizens and reaching all people with cognitive impairment”.

For her part, Dr. Boada, co-founder and chief medical officer of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona, says she is “very satisfied with the renewal of the brand”. And she adds “we have taken a very important qualitative leap and we have professionalized the previous corporate image. Now the story of our mission and our values fits with the image and identity that we project to the world. In Barcelona there is an entity, Ace Alzheimer Center, which cares and takes care of people with cognitive impairment or dementia, their families, and works every day to make Alzheimer's history”.

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