Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona receives solidarity support from the KPMG Foundation

The KPMG Foundation allocates part of the “Cafés solidarios” initiative to the support group for spouses of pre-senile people “My partner is 54 years old and has Alzheimer's… what can I do?”. This donation comes directly from the consumption of the drinks from the coffee and soft drink machines that the consulting company has installed in its offices.

Miren Jone Gurruchaga, chief executive officer of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona, participated virtually in the donation ceremony that was held in Madrid and thanked "KPMG's commitment to families in which Alzheimer's occurs early." In addition, the director points out that “we all have assumed that it can occur in advanced ages, but Alzheimer's has no age, and when cognitive deterioration occurs in pre-senile people, there is a process of acceptance, planning and family organization in which Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona accompanies to face this diagnosis."

On the other hand, the general director of the entity also wanted to thank Ace's ambassador and godmother at KPMG, Carmen Mulet. Thanks to their mediation, the Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona project has been able to receive this donation.

An initiative with more than 10 years of experience

“Cafés solidarios” is a campaign that the KPMG foundation launched in 2006 with the mission of responding to the challenges of society in Spain through its ability to generate impact and social transformation.

In the last ten years, “Cafés solidarios” has donated a total of € 703,419, directly impacting more than 700,000 people thanks to the organizations in which the professionals of the consulting company actively participate, who become agents of the real change representing the organizations that manage the projects presented.

From Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona we are grateful for this transformative initiative by KPMG and its professionals for actively contributing to the improvement of society.

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