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The Caregiver’s Space, essential during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to reinvent some activities in our Day Care Unit. At Fundació ACE, besides taking care of the health of people with dementia, we are concerned about the well-being of their families and caregivers, who are a fundamental figure during the diagnosis and treatment process.

Since 2019, The Fundació ACE’s Social Work Area organises different workshops for family members and caregivers to share concerns, doubts, advices, strategies and, above all, to obtain direct support from Fundació ACE professionals.

During the lockdown we did not stop offering our support with 5 post-diagnosis online workshops and 4 online workshops to keep a person with dementia active at home. In total, 300 people attended our online caregivers’ space.

Pilar Cañabate, head of Social Work at Fundació ACE, positively values the adaptation to the telematic format. “Professionals, like a large part of the population, have been forced to assume the situation, adapt and use technology, in this way we have been able to continue with the Caregivers’ Space and many people who did not have access, due to geographical distance or due to lack of time, they have been able to attend”. While it is true that not all family caregivers consider group training and prefer to deliver it individually, "online Caregivers’ Space are here to stay, even after the restrictions derived from the pandemic."

This year 2021, workshops for caregivers continue to be taught in virtual format. During February, 74 family members completed an online post-diagnosis training workshop and 40 people completed the training workshop on activities to keep active at home the person with dementia. The Social Work area of Fundació ACE will continue to offer sessions to family members and caregivers who are interested in this support group.

About the Fundació ACE Caregivers’ Space

The Caregivers’s Space is, on the one hand, dementia training workshops aimed at relatives of people who have just been diagnosed at Fundació ACE, with the aim of supporting them and explaining in depth the impact of a dementia diagnosis. And, on the other hand, workshops that consist of providing family members with strategies and exercises to keep a person with dementia active at home.

These workshops are led by specialists in dementia, psychologists, social workers and nurses, who offer comprehensive training on the symptoms of these types of ailments and the needs of a person with dementia, as well as activities, strategies and techniques to redirect their behaviour. In addition, they also provide information on resources and benefits aimed at the group.

Currently, and due to COVID-19 restrictions, Caregiver’s Space workshops take place virtually and consist of a total of two sessions lasting approximately two and a half hours.

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