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Fundació ACE starts the Expert Caregiver Program

Fundació ACE has already started the Expert Caregiver Program. It is a learning space where, through the exchange of experiences, it is intended to contribute to improving the quality of life of caregivers of people with dementias.

The program represents the culmination of a year's work for Fundació ACE professionals, who have been preparing the sessions in detail until they opened on January 9. The program consists of nine weekly sessions of an hour and a half each one. These sessions will be coordinated by the Expert Caregiver selected by the Fundació ACE and the Generalitat, and will be used to exchange knowledge and experiences with other caregivers assisting in aspects such as support in the management and care of family members with dementia and the improvement of the attention's effectiveness.

The Expert Caregiver Program is a part of a line of prevention and attention to chronicity to promote a change of habits that improve their quality of life and coexistence with the caregiver. For this reason, tools are used to learn to identify the degree of work overload and influence aspects of the caregiver's health to achieve greater involvement and satisfaction.

Program sessions are participatory and informative and are organized into small groups of caregivers who live with people with dementia.

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