Fundació ACE teaches a subject about dementia to students at UIC Barcelona 


Fundació ACE has begun to teach the subject "From cognitive normality to dementia. Practical experience in clinical, research and translational medicine", aimed at students taking fifth year of Medicine Degree at the Faculty of Medicine and Sciences of the Health of Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona).

This new subject is taught in the Attention Units of Fundació ACE, Barcelona Alzheimer Treatment & Research Center, in a total of 10 sessions between January 27 and February 7, representing 60 hours of total theoretical and practical training (2 ECTS credits). The teaching team of the subject consists of a dozen experts from Fundació ACE, led by Dr. Mercè Boada.

The subject is optional and consists of 10 one-hour clinical sessions to the Diagnostic Unit of Fundació ACE, 15 hours of theoretical-practical seminars and 35 hours of practices in the different units of Fundació ACE, clinical practices both in the Unit of Diagnosis as in the Day Care Unit and basic research practices in the laboratory and applied research in the Clinical Trials area.

The inclusion of the subject "From cognitive normality to dementia" in the program of the fifth year of Medicine Degree is the result of the collaboration agreement signed between Fundació ACE and UIC Barcelona in February 2018 to bring carry out joint actions in the field of training and research in Alzheimer's disease.

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