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open days


If we keep an eye on blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar… Why not memory?

Since 2008, we have integrated into our agenda Open Days to assess memory, with the slogan “If we keep an eye on blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar… Why not memory?”

At these events, people older than 55 are offered, free of charge, the opportunity to have an assessment of their memory, language and other cognitive functions by a neuropsychology panel, the same panel that we use for the diagnosis process, administered by our professionals: neurologists, neuropsychologists and psychologists. The days are run on the second Thursday of every month, in the Diagnostics Unit.

The aim of this initiative is to make the apparently mentally healthy population aware of the importance of familiarity with their mental performance. In the event that they have complaints about their memory or cognitive deterioration, early detection is possible, taking into account the importance of prevention and early diagnosis.

Clinical Open Days take place once a month in the Diagnostic Unit of Fundació ACE (Gran Via de Carlos III, 85 bis).

If you want to participate and get your free memory check you can contact us at:

93 430 47 20

visiting our facilities

Open days for visiting our facilities are run once every three months. At these events, for people who have registered in advance, we run a tour so that they can become familiar with the different Fundació ACE centres.

academic open days

We plan academic open days for pre-university students, which also take place every three months. The idea is to organise a session with a professional, to whom students can put questions about neurodegenerative diseases.

Once every three months take place this open days.

If you want to participate you can contact us at: