Integrated Psychostimulation Program (IPP)

Fundació ACE

The IPP aims to analyze the beneficial effects of cognitive stimulation on people with mild dementias. So far, more than 1800 people have already participated.

The Integrated Psychostimulation Program (IPP) is the oldest project of Fundació ACE, launched in 1991. Its objective is to analyze the beneficial effects of cognitive stimulation in people with mild dementia, as well as to improve and/or slow down the clinical evolutionary process of the disease in the short and medium term.

The PPI is a program directed to the person with cognitive deterioration that contemplates the stimulation of the basic cognitive functions, the practice of the instrumental abilities, the exercise of the psychomotor capacities and to favor the basic activities of the daily life. The aim is to alleviate the coexistence with a person with some type of dementia.

The program integrates different techniques to improve aspects of behavior and personality. The application of rehabilitative techniques mainly affects four aspects of the person with dementia: cognitive, motor, psychosocial and activities of daily living. For all these reasons, as a whole, it is considered to be a comprehensive intervention.

The therapeutic strategy of the IPP is based on the presence of neuronal plasticity and based on cognitive neuropsychology, behaviour modification therapy and the bio-psychosocial state of the person.

So far, more than 1,800 people have participated in the Integral Psychostimulation Program of Fundació ACE.

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Fundació ACE

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Lluís Tárraga, Founding member and Board of Trustees' vice president


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Beneficial Effects of an Integrated Psychostimulation Program in Patients With Alzheimer's Disease.
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