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Six guitars in the Daycare Center

Six guitars in the Day Center


Yesterday in the Daycare Center took place a six guitars concert framed within the program Estimul’Art music. Six students of the Music Therapy Master of the ESMUC moved to Fundació to play a repertoire of one hour before the users. With traditional songs, linked to the emotional memory of the users, the performers got the users involved in the development of the concert.

Fundació ACE and music therapy

Fundació ACE is a pioneer in the use of non-pharmacological therapies in the treatment of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Music therapy, as such, is included in the Integral Psycho-Stimulation Program (L. Tárraga, 1998), the assistance model that is applied in the Foundation and has been recognized in several international journals. Along the same lines, the Foundation started last year the program Estimul’Art music, extension of Estimul’Art museums, which began two years ago.


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