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On training, dementia and social work

On training, dementia and social work


On September 30 Fundació ACE hosted a conference on dementia training for professionals in the field of social work. The conference on dementia and social work in the field of primary care are organized by the Fundació ACE subsequent request-and coordination- of Social Work concerning North Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. It is a journey that aims to bring together social workers in primary care that they want and offer them training in dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Pilar Cañabate, Head of Social Work of Fundació ACE, led the conference and highlighted the importance of training on dementia for the people in charge of social work.Many times, people with dementia appear to be completely healthy and mentally lucid people who passed for a few minutes with them. When the reality is that if there is dementia, the picture changes completely.”

The event this year was held in the Auditorium of Fundació ACE, in Barcelona, and has followed the following program:


Pilar Cañabate in the session “The family as a caregiver agent.”




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