Fundació ACE’s project is based on the interaction and the establishment of synergies between four lines of work
healthcare (Diagnostic Unit and Day care Unit)
social support (research and social work)
research (clinical, cognitive psychology, clinical trials, etc.)
training (intramural and to reach awareness of society)

foundation data


6,769 patients seen in 2015

2,009 new patients seen in 2015

24,436 welfare acts performed during 2015

900 new patients diagnosed with Alzheimer during 2015

19,720 people explored and diagnosed since 1996

day care

205 day care places

29,437 stays in day care services in 2014

research and teaching

10,103 genetic samples

more than 100 clinical trials designed and / or made

more than 150 articles in international scientific journals

digital database with information on more than 19,700 people

10 editions of the Barcelona – Pittsburgh Biennial Conference

activity report

The activity report contains the activities and most relevant data of each year.

previous reports