What do we do:
Open House Initiative

If we get our cholesterol,
blood presure and sugar checked...
Why not our memory?

Open House Initiative

Clinical Open House 

In 2008, we launched the "Open Doors" initiative, which consists of offering free memory checks to people over 50 years.

These reviews consist in passing a cognitive test of about 20 minutes by a neuropsychologist from Ace.

This initiative aims to raise awareness among the population about the importance of memory and to know the cognitive performance of each one. In addition, these revisions have allowed early detection of some cases of memory loss as a symptom, which has allowed affected people to begin the clinical circuit in advance to take appropriate measures to delay the disease.

Since the beginning of this initiative, the memory of more than 3,000 people have been evaluated.

Academic Open House days

We plan academic open days for pre-university students, which also take place every three months. The idea is to organise a session with a professional, to whom students can put questions about neurodegenerative diseases.

How to participate

Clinical Open House

Clinical Open Days take place once a month in the Diagnostic Unit of Ace (Gran Via de Carlos III, 85 bis) or online. If you want to participate and get your free memory check you can contact us at:

93 430 47 20


Visiting our facilities and Academic open house

Once every three months take place this open days. If you want to participate you can contact us at: