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On Wednesday, December 2, we will celebrate one of the most magical nights for Fundación ACE. The Alzheimer's Night was born 5 years ago with the aim of promoting projects in favour of research and care for people with cognitive impairment.

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The entire takings of this edition will go to the ACEhealth project, which consists of developing and implementing a telematic assistance platform with the aim of guaranteeing care for people with dementia throughout the world.

"Beating Alzheimer's is one of the great challenges of science" Josep Puigbó

This year we also have the collaboration of Josep Puigbó, a journalist with a long career in radio and television, being one of the most recognized presenters in the news programs of TV3 and Televisión Española.

Puigbó, committed to the ACE Foundation for years, comments that an event like Alzheimer's Night “is more necessary than ever to make the ACEhealth project possible, which will provide all people, anywhere, with quality care from the professionals of Fundación ACE”. In addition, he adds that "while progress continues in the research, we must treat people with Alzheimer's and ensure their families and caregivers, who in recent months have seen how the Coronavirus has made everything more difficult for them".

Cristina Riba debuts as host of Alzheimer’s Night

Journalist and current presenter of the TV3 weekend news program, Cristina Riba will accompany us on the 5th Alzheimer’s Night as co-presenter of the event to contribute her part to the Fundació ACE project. “We need an involved and cooperative society to help and facilitate the lives of people who live with Alzheimer's, especially in the current context of the pandemic that we are experiencing. The ACEhealth project is a clear example of the will and commitment to achieve this goal”.

Cristina Riba is very committed to the project because “we are all susceptible to have Alzheimer's. In addition, we know of the difficulties of suffering from this dementia. This is why it is mandatory to work to improve the quality of life of people with Alzheimer's, which will also lead to a better quality of life for society as a whole”.

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