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The 5th Alzheimer’s Night raises € 34,000 for the ACEhealth project

On Wednesday, December 2, we celebbrated the 5th Alzheimer's Night. The event was presented by Josep Puigbó and Cristina Riba and it was unique due to its characteristics, since it was the first time that it had been developed entirely online; and unique also for its solidarity. More than 250 attendees, € 34,000 raised for the ACEhealth project and many well-known faces from the world of culture, sports and television joined our night of solidarity.

The entire proceeds from the 5th Alzheimer's Night will go to the ACEhealth project for the development and implementation of an online platform that allows offering comprehensive care to people with cognitive impairment or dementia anywhere in the world.

The authorities commit to the fight against Alzheimer's

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, addressed the spectators, committing himself to "promote progresses in adequate, specific and comprehensive responses for the affected people". In his words, the approach to Alzheimer's “is a public health priority and a social and health problem of the first order. We are aware that there is a lot of work to be done. We have before us the challenge of launching determined actions”.

The Minister of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Alba Vergés, highlighted the trajectory of Fundació ACE; "It shows in your energy that for 25 years you have been working in favour of families and, also, to attract talent and knowledge of the sector and make it available to Alzheimer's research and prevention".

The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, stressed that "despite the fact that we are now dedicating all our energies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, life goes on and all other diseases continue their course". Therefore, he stressed that “it is essential to make visible diseases as important and with such affectation as Alzheimer's. For this I congratulate you and I thank you for the very important work you do. You are an inspiration for Barcelona”.

"Thanks to people and companies in solidarity we will be able to drive Fundació ACE to the whole world"

Dr. Mercè Boada, co-founder and medical director of Fundació ACE, thanked all the people and entities for their participation: "It is a pride to be able to organize Alzheimer's Night for the fifth year and year after year to have the participation of so many people who help in the fight against Alzheimer's and to be able to give the best care to people who suffer from it. Solidarity and collaboration from the whole of society is essential to be able to continue working to find a cure and, along the way, improve quality life of people with cognitive impairment".

Regarding the ACEhealth project, Dr. Boada pointed out that “during the toughest months of the pandemic at Fundació ACE we only had one goal: not to stop. With this telematic assistance platform we will not only be able to continue with the diagnosis and monitoring of our patients, we will also be able to bring the experience of Fundació ACE to all over the world”.

Special performances and testimony of well-known personalities from culture, sports and journalism

The 5th Alzheimer’s Night also featured numerous personalities from the world of acting, such as Sílvia Abril, Pep Antón Muñoz, Cristina Brondo, Núria Gago and Luka Peros; journalism and television, such as Carles Prats, Ariadna Oltra, Laura Rosel or Quim Masferrer; and sports, such as Edurne Pasaban or Rodrigo Fáez, who generously explained what their experience with Alzheimer's is.

Also, Carlota Benet, daughter of the playwright Josep Maria Benet i Jornet, who died in April, shared with us how the popular writer's disease course was, from when he showed his first symptoms until his last months.

In addition, during Alzheimer’s Night we were able to enjoy the theatrical performance of the actress Muntsa Alcañíz; the aria Non piú andrai, from the opera Le Nozze Di Figaro, performed by the bass Manuel Fuentes; as well as the magic of the illusionist Pepo Capel and the cuisine of the popular chef Ada Parellada.

We are grateful for the solidarity of our patrons Alainsa, Fundació Castell de Peralada, HP, Kern Pharma, Nació Digital, Nutricia, Oliva Torras and Peix a Casa; as well as our collaborators Carglass, Carner, Covalco, Cole Haan, Fiatc Residencias, Fujifilm, Fundació Privada Mir-Puig, Majoral, MatíMañana, Natura Bissé Rosa Gres, Rotary and SIMM Imatge Mèdica who have offered us their support in the 5th Alzheimer's Night.

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