A record-breaking Night to improve the quality of life of people with Alzheimer's

Thanks to the contribution of sponsors, entities and individuals, this year we have reached the record figure of €41,790, which will be allocated to the Ace virtual reality project.

Blog | Behavioral changes in Alzheimer's disease

10/05/2023Day care and treatment
Alzheimer's is a comprehensive and long-term that behavioral changes and alterations in the person who suffers from. The patient's personal environment and the attitude of family members and caregivers is also part of the dementia process.

Blog | TMS and Virtual Reality: looking to the future

28/03/2023Day care and treatment
The Neuromodulation Unit takes advantage of the great potential of new technologies to offer precision medicine and personalized treatments. That is why at Ace we combine brain stimulation with immersive stimulation through virtual reality glasses.

Blog | Train your mind to take care of your health

15/02/2023Day care and treatment
Aging in a healthy way is possible but, beyond following dietary guidelines and physical exercise, it is essential to stimulate the brain by doing cognitive stimulation exercises that keep it active.

Tartaglia, a network to exchange relevant information to research

18/10/2022Day care and treatment
In Tartaglia healthcare and technological entities work together. It aims to harness the benefits of artificial intelligence to solve some of the challenges of medicine and speed up clinical research.

RCD Espanyol welcomes UAD users on World Alzheimer's Day

22/09/2022Day care and treatment
About thirty users of the Day Care Unit have visited the RCD Espanyol Sports City to commemorate World Alzheimer's Day together with several players and members of the club's staff.