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Fundació ACE participates in the annual meeting of the SEN

From November 23 to December 3, the 72nd annual meeting of the SEN (Spanish Society of Neurology) was held with a large participation of professionals from Fundació ACE. Due to the pandemic, this year's edition was held virtually.

Dr. Mercè Boada, co-founder and medical director of Fundació ACE, focused on the importance of early detection to avoid accelerated cognitive deterioration and to be able to treat people whose living with this dementia in an effective way, as well as talked about current and future Alzheimer's treatments.

Results of the AMBAR study

Dr. Boada moderated a seminar where the results of the AMBAR study were presented. This is a Grifols project in which Fundación ACE participates as coordinating entity. This study is based on the hypothesis that the turnover of blood plasma could reduce the accumulation of beta-amyloid protein in the brain, one of the possible causes of Alzheimer's.

The results provided by Grifols show that the treatment considerably slows down the cognitive and functional loss of people with mild and moderate Alzheimer's disease. “AMBAR is a new door of hope for people with Alzheimer's, their families and for those of us who dedicate ourselves to them from the health world”, said Dr. Boada.

LXXII annual meeting of the SEN

In this virtual edition, more than a hundred meetings, courses, workshops, presentations, seminars and conferences took place where more than 1,200 communications were presented. More than 3,000 national and international experts participated in a meeting that presented the latest advances in the neurological field.

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