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ASALTO, a new solidary board game

Carles and Ruben, two friends who love board games, designed ASALTO in different afternoon of hobbies. This is a new, dynamic and attractive game which its creators will donate part of their profits to Fundació ACE.

They are currently in the financing search phase through the Verkami crowdfunding platform. Anyone who wishes to collaborate in this solidarity project can contribute different amounts and receive a reward at home:

  • With a contribution of a €25 you will receive 1 unit of ASALTO.
  • With a contribution of a €45 you will receive 2 units of ASALTO.
  • With a contribution of €100 (exclusive option for stores), 5 units of ASALTO will be received.
¿How do you play ASALTO?

ASALTO is a card and strategic board game for 2, 3 and 4 players designed in a small size, perfect for transporting. You must move around the board using the dice and your skills in hand to get all the resources.

In addition, the games will never be the same as you will find infinite board possibilities, thus modifying your tactics in each play. The pace and constant changes in the leadership of the game make ASALTO an intense and dynamic game.

Contributions through Verkami

The objective of the crowdfunding campaign in Verkami has been established to raise €2.000 before February 20, 2021. To date, 32 contributions and a collection of €880 have already been achieved.

Collaborate in this solidary project and get your own ASALTO board game. Contributions will only be charged if the project achieves its objectives.

You can find more information at Verkami.

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