The Barcelona-Pittsburgh Conference Returns 

In May, the reference congress in the field of neuroscience will be held. 

Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona, in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh, organizes the biennial Barcelona-Pittsburgh conference, a valuable forum where professionals from around the world can share their work and perspectives on dementia. 

This neurodegenerative pathology affects over 50 million people worldwide, and nearly 10 million new cases are diagnosed each year. With this scenario, many studies indicate that by 2050, over 150 million people will be living with dementia. 

We would then be talking about one of the main causes of disability and dependence among older people. But contrary to what one might think in light of these numbers, dementia is not a normal part of aging and does not exclusively affect the elderly. 

Making Alzheimer's history is a shared goal, achievable only through the union of neurologists, researchers, public and private entities, and civil society. 

"The teams will get much further the more legs are running. We need to unite efforts, continue learning from each other, and collaborate internationally to discover the origin of Alzheimer's disease, new therapeutic targets, and effective treatments that improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their families," says Dr. Mercè Boada, neurologist and medical director of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona. The BcnPit congress was born with this perspective, and this has been its purpose during the twelve editions in which it has been held. 

The thirteenth edition will feature professionals in the field of neuromodulation and the biology of aging, as well as panels dedicated to epidemiology and new approaches to Alzheimer's treatment. The congress will have the participation of world-renowned experts such as Dr. Álvaro Pascual-Leone, Dr. Cornelia Van Duijn, Dr. Lefkos Middleton, Dr. Berislav V. Zlokovic, or Dr. Victor L. Villemagne among others. 

BCNPIT 24 will take place at the Hotel Porta Fira in Barcelona on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of May

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