Over 30 family doctors attend dementia update training

On January 25th, more than 30 primary and community care physicians from Catalonia connected to the online dementia update session, organized by the medical team of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona with the goal of establishing collaboration bridges and providing tools for early detection of cognitive decline.

"The role of primary care is crucial for timely detection of the first signs of cognitive decline. We must diagnose early so that the patient has treatment options, especially now when we are on the verge of new drugs that have the ability to alter the course of the disease," according to Dr. Mercè Boada, neurologist and medical director of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona.

The session, lasting 1 hour, focused on the current and future challenges of aging and neurodegenerative diseases, the diagnostic process in a memory unit like Ace's, and the detection of cognitive decline through a neuropsychological battery.

In this last session, Dr. Boada, Dr. Vanesa Pytel, clinical chief of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona; and Dr. Montse Alegret, head of neuropsychology at Ace, participated.

This training is expected to be periodic and free for the medical community in Catalonia. Throughout 2024, monographic sessions on neurodegenerative diseases and early diagnosis will continue to be organized.

Diagnosis at Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona

At Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona, our mission is to diagnose cognitive decline excellently and early to improve the quality of life of people at risk of dementia and offer them the ability and tools to decide about their future.

As specialized providers in this pathology within the Catalan public health system, we have been making careful diagnoses for 30 years, involving a multidisciplinary team composed of neurologists, neuropsychologists, social workers, nurses, and geriatricians who assess the patient's cognitive abilities and also the resources available to them and their care structure; information obtained through interviews with their relatives.

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