Naroa Fraile is the winner of the Lluís Tárraga award

On March 6th, Naroa Fraile emerged as the first winner of the Lluís Tárraga Prize for her research work "La batalla al món nano", carried out while she was in her second year of high school at Camp Joliu School. The student, who is currently pursuing a degree in Biotechnology at IQS, received a check for €1,000 from Miren Jone Gurrutxaga, Director General of Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona.

The jury of the 1st edition of the Lluís Tàrraga Prize, composed of Dr. Franco Appiani, neurologist and training manager at Ace; Dr. Pilar Cañabate, head of Social Work at Ace; and Dr. Montse Alegret, head of neuropsychology at Ace; with Lluís Tàrraga, co-founder and president of the board of Ace, presiding; valued "the student's involvement and collaboration in the research of a group of scientists in the nanobiology laboratory of the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC). She provided a very detailed field diary of the entire research. A well-structured, very explanatory, and informative work."

A work that studies the application of new drugs

Naroa's objective was to study the variation in the permeability of the blood-brain barrier to different drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

This barrier regulates the substances entering the brain, allowing the passage of elements such as water, oxygen, or general anesthetics, and preventing the entry of others that are harmful, such as bacteria and some drugs. It is a very important membrane since its degeneration can contribute to the development of Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia.

To ensure that these drugs pass the barrier, Naroa participated in a simulation of the blood-brain barrier of the human brain in a synthetic model, created by scientists from IBEC. Through various tests with gold nanoparticles, she observed the passage of drugs through a fluorescence study.

Although her conclusions are a small part of an ongoing research project lasting 4 years, the extraordinary quality of her work has managed to surprise the evaluation committee and has allowed her to win the prize.

A prize that recognizes young talent

The Lluís Tárraga Prize aims to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease among students, highlighting young talent and recognizing the merits of teachers and schools. Its objective is to promote scientific curiosity by giving visibility to the generational turnover and enhancing research outside the school environment.

From Ace Alzheimer Center Barcelona, we want to express our sincerest gratitude for all the works received during the call. Each project has reflected the effort, creativity, and commitment of both students and teachers involved in the process. Your contributions have enriched our evaluation process, demonstrating the importance of highlighting young talent.

The second call for the Lluís Tárraga Prize is already underway. The prize's rules have been published on the Ace website, and research papers can now be submitted to the email

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The rules for the 1st edition of the Lluís Tárraga Award have been published

The winner of the award will receive financial compensation of €1,000 and will have the opportunity to carry out a public event promoted by Ace with the aim of disseminating the work.